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Residential House Cleaning Services​

Trustworthy, loyal, and helpful, Casey's Cleaning is here to serve your home with the utmost respect and integrity.​

Professional House Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

We understand that life gets busy, and our top priority is to help keep your home an immaculate living space!
Our house cleaners are trained to meet your expectations. All employees have passed thorough criminal background checks.


Scrub showers, tile, shower floor, and doors. Clean tracks in the shower and top rail. Clean soap dish. Dry and shine shower. Shine fixtures, Windex doors. We clean the vanity, sink, mirrors, trays, shelves, and whatever else is in there, picture frames, window sills, toilets. Floors are scrubbed on hands and knees.


Cobweb ceilings, dust ceiling fans, baseboards, window sills, and doors. All furniture tops, fronts, and sides are dusted. Nick knacks are dusted, picked up, dusted under, and returned. We move furniture that can be, such as couches, nightstands, and things like that.


Everything is moved on the counter to ensure it all get s cleaned properly. Toasters are emptied, inside of the microwave is cleaned, and top of the stove. All cabinets are cleaned, sink is scoured, appliances are windexed, sliding glass doors inside and out; weather permitting, and the floor is washed.