LBI Turnover Cleaning

LBI Turnover Cleaning

With us, your renters will enter a completely clean house. When people go on vacation,  the cleanliness of the house is most important to ensure their return next season, and ours.


  • We stay on the island until 6 pm in case your guests need assistance. We aren’t in the property, but near if there are any troubles.
  • We do emergency cleans after turnover time.
  • We clean when it wasn’t done or done right by other companies.
  • We check for any damage to your house before any cleaning, and we call you or the rental agency immediately.

We clean everything

  • We thoroughly clean and maintain your house the entire season.
  • We cobweb, do ceiling fans, vents, blinds, window sills, baseboards.
  • We dust, vacuum, and Windex. We move couches and vacuum.
  • We remove all food, sand, etc.
  • We remove anything left behind by the last renter. Soap, shampoo, food in the refrigerator.
  • We clean the bathrooms, scrub tubs, clean sinks, cabinets, and toilets.
  • We wash floors, we clean the kitchen, cabinets, counters inside the refrigerator, inside the microwave, empty the toaster.
  • We wash floors, scour the sink, and Windex appliances.
  • We make sure the beds are presentable, pillows fixed, comforters on beds, so the presentation is perfect when your renters arrive.

We are available

  • We are on the island most days during the week.
  • We stay from 8 AM to 6 PM, sometimes later.
  • We can run errands if the renter needs anything.
  • We can do minor repairs, if need be.
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