Residential House Cleaning Services​

Trustworthy, loyal, and helpful, Casey's Cleaning is here to serve your home with the utmost respect and integrity.​

Professional House Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

We understand that life gets busy, and our top priority is to help keep your home an immaculate living space!
Our house cleaners are trained to meet your expectations. All employees have passed thorough criminal background checks.


Casey’s Cleaning will scrub showers, tile, shower floors, and doors. The detail, like cleaning tracks in the shower and top rail, is what separates Casey’s Cleaning from other house cleaning companies and maid services. Fixtures, soap dishes, toilets, picture frames, window sills, and scrubbing the bathroom floor on our knees will get your home in tip-top shape.


We dust spiderwebs and debris on doors, window sills, baseboards, ceiling fans, and more. If you have knick-knack items, we can clean those with caution, as we understand the value of sentimental items. Need a couch or nightstand moved to touch up some dusting around those stingy areas? Not a problem, we’re here to help you get your living room areas host-ready.


Cleaning the kitchen is a task we take seriously. Inside and out of the microwave is cleaned; along with emptying toasters, wiping down cabinets, scouring the sink to perfection, and shining up your appliances. Sliding glass doors get cleaned inside and out, and the floors washed. Cook with confidence with a professionally-done cleaning service from Casey’s!